Millers Petting Zoo The Greatest Farm Animal Show in the Midwest!

Millers Petting Zoo The Greatest Farm Animal Show in the Midwest!

Millers Petting Zoo The Greatest Farm Animal Show in the Midwest!Millers Petting Zoo The Greatest Farm Animal Show in the Midwest!Millers Petting Zoo The Greatest Farm Animal Show in the Midwest!

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Who we are

What we bring

What we bring

Our theme is CLEAN! Here at Millers Petting Zoo our animals look as if they are having as much fun as you.  A two person crew is with every set up, keeping the pen clean at ALL times!


What we bring

What we bring

What we bring

Every set up includes a donkey, young goats, lambs, baby  pigs, giant rabbit, calf, chickens, ducks and goose.  All in all we bring about 25-35 animals that are roaming freely in the pen and the public is welcome to enter with the animals.   Hand sanitizer is always offered at the gate.



What we bring


We charge by the event, not by the hour.  An agreed upon fee guarantees a complete day of fun!  Feed is usually sold at the gate for $1.00 per cup.  Some events may purchase feed in bulk for private events.

Where we live and grow

We are a mobile only zoo but our animals have a great place to roam and graze on our 24 acre farm, also known as Brazy Creek Farm.  Happy animals make a happy petting zoo!

Millers Zoo Choo!


For an added fee we also offer a Trackless Train!

Millers Zoo Choo is available with the Petting Zoo or as a stand alone ride.  Adults and children can ride.  Every car is wired for music and train depot can also be added.  


Train can be rented with petting zoo, if both are booked together we offer a discount.  Train requires hard level surface to run.  


I wanted to let you know what a great hit the Miller's Petting Zoo was at the 175th. Lisbon Labor Day celebration. Sean and the other young man were on time, efficient, personable and you could not ask for better representative's of your business. 

The animals were cute, well behaved, and so clean it was hard to believe they had been on the road for several days at other venues. I really got a kick out of watching Sean clap his hands at the end and seeing all the animals head for the trailer. They sure knew there jobs. The area was so clean when they pulled out it was hard to believe that they had even been there.

The children started arriving to see the animals as soon as they started leaving the trailer. Your zoo made a lot of family's very happy they came this year. I do believe that the zoo was the biggest hit of the weekend. 

Thank you for having such a wonderful service and I sure hope we can do this again next year.

Best Regards,

Howard Whitney

To whom it May Concern:     

I saw you again at the Kane COunty Fair, and was  once again impressed by your operation.  Your workers have terrific  attitudes, and the animals and pen are well-cared for.  Once again, I'm  thinking of hiring you for either a private party or for our village  festival.  I checked out your pricing page, and I'm guessing the  negotiated price depends on the date, or perhaps the anticipated number of  attendees?  Can you give me a ballpark figure, or range of prices,  for the "attraction" option?  Thanks for the info, Heidi Espino   

Good morning,

I had the pleasure of seeing your operation at the Kane County Fair last weekend. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the area and the attentiveness of the staff. I would like to set up some times next summer to bring you to our site as a vendor operation. We run a Butterfly House from June through August. If we could add a petting zoo once a month, I think it might be beneficial for both of us. We are part of the Geneva Park District and our site is an old farmstead consisting of over 350 acres. Please let me know what information you would need in order to set this up for next summer.

Thank you,

Becky Lambert

Superintendent of Natural Areas & Interpretation


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